Metal Building Cupolas and Weathervanes add a Designer Finished Look to Your Rooftop, Barn, Shed or Garage.

Thinking about adding a metal cupola to your house, garage, metal building or barn? Metal Cupolas has you covered. Our cupolas come in a quick easy to assemble knocked-down Cupola Kit, complete with building plans and instructions for mounting your cupola on your metal building or barn. We have several color options to choose from and can match almost any building designers color. View our color chart for a complete selection of colors and designs for cupolas.

Cupola Size & Proportion:

Be sure the Cupola you buy will fit your building or structure appropriately. Here are some guidelines for purchasing the right size metal Cupola for your metal roof, barn, shed or garage:

Base Size24"x24"36"x36"48"x48"66"x66"48" Octagon
Total Height37"44"59"72"77"
Building Width24' - 30'36' - 40'48' - 60'User Defined
Building Length24' Centers36' Centers48' CentersUser Defined
Weathervanes24" or 30"30"46"46" or Larger46" or Larger

Selecting the Right Size Cupola

Cupola Sizing Diagrams By Roof Size:

 24ft Roof

 36ft Roof

 60ft Roof

120ft Roof